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"Blockchain Traceability + Blockchain Supply Chain Financing" Build a global green supply chain network of forest products

In order to cooperate with ITTO on its Study of the Blockchain-based International Timber Tracking System for Building Sustainable Wood Supply Chains, and to implement the initiative of building GGSC international network during the Shanghai International Forum, the GGSC Secretariat is working with enterprises and associations in timber production, trade and processing from different countries along the tropical timber supply chain, and invite relevant institutions to participate in related activities. Enterprises and associations who are interested and have resources are welcome to contact the GGSC Secretariat.

At the same time, in order to promote the application of above mentioned ITTO study results as soon as possible, the GGSC Secretariat has discussed feasible cooperation models with relevant blockchain development technology enterprises and supply chain financing institutions. Institutions who are interested in this and have resources are welcome to contact the GGSC Secretariat as well.

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