Timber Associations
Timber Associations
Union des Forestiers et Industriels du bois du Gabon

UFIGA is a Professional Union created on March 24, 2003 with the sole purpose of studying and defending the economic, material and moral interests of its members exercising a forestry and industrial activity.

Our goals:

● Facilitate the relationship between members

● Intervene with public authorities to defend the general interests of the sector

● Participate in any study aimed at improving the conditions of exploitation and

● Management of the forest, the development of a competitive timber processing

● Industry and the conditions for marketing timber

4,504,211 ha of forest area owned by members

where of 2,287,453 ha certified FSC and PAFC-PEFC and303,768 ha certified legality audited by third party
About 6,000 jobs.

100% of forest production is processed (sawnwood, veneer, slicing, plywood, sleepers, etc.)
About 25 species are exploited (Abura, Mahogany, Andoung, Azobe, Beli Brown, Beli Red, Bilinga, Bossé, Dabema, Dibetou, Doussie, Iroko, Izombe, Kossipo, Movingui, Niove, Okan, Okoume, Ovengkol, Ozigo, Padouk , Sapelli, Tali, Tola, Zingana)

Web site:http://www.ufiga.org

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